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Author: Natascha Wouterson
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Worlds´ sleeping ~ Antwerp - Belgium

A passionate ´social entepreneur`, Sirolf Nosretouw has already set up,, managed and sometimes sold several enterprises. He currently works as an independent consultant in the fields of finance, business development and strategic marketing. This post is the first of a series of impressions about sleeping comfort in the world. He has asked several interesting people, when they travel, to capture with the photo lens the sleeping comfort on which they spend the night and provide a personal commentary. 


14/07/2009 - During my stay in Belgium, I took a cab from Zaventem to Antwerp. The Sinjoren city known for its Antwerp hands, the Brabo, Peter-Paul Rubens and Frituur N°1. I found a nice boutique hotel in the center of Antwerp near the Groenplaats and the Cathedral. Hotel Julienne has about 8 rooms. The service is friendly and the atmosphere fine. Tonight is the time to evaluate the sleeping comfort. In the morning we will know. For now, we will first go into town to "grab a few beers" and then have dinner somewhere nice.

Back at the hotel, I concentrate on sleeping comfort. The dimensions of the rooms are good. Not too small and not too big. The beds take center stage, which makes sense. On first lying down, the mattresses feel hard. They are classic box springs with a pleasant entry and exit height. The pillows are nothing special. Probably a synthetic filling because of washability. Whether that provides enough support? The comforter is down and feels fairly light. The bedding is cotton and makes a good clean impression. The mattresses are covered with conventional sheets. Functional and practical.

After brushing my teeth and putting on my pajamas, I flatter myself into bed. Tired and fulfilled. Tomorrow I must be well rested because of a business meeting. The night goes reasonably well and I wake up rested. I am satisfied with the bed for one night. However, I find the mattresses too hard, which causes my hands/arms to regularly fall asleep. This also caused me to toss and turn quite a bit. This because at home I am used to sleeping on a much softer mattress.

The pillow can go in the trash from me. Gives too little support and is too thick. Anyway, pillows are hotbeds of bacteria and it is wiser to bring his own pillow. The room was well ventilated by opening the window. The comforter was too warm for me. Especially in a summer like this. It would not be a luxury as a hotel to put summer comforters in the rooms. Small effort, great pleasure. All in all, I give the sleeping comfort of Hotel Julienne a 7/10. After an excellent breakfast, I checked out and said goodbye to the hotel and beautiful Antwerp.

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