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House of Sleep, a unique concept

At House of Sleep, we bring together all the aspects that make you feel good about yourself. If you have sleep problems, experience anxiety or are walking around with a trauma, we can give you back control. But we can also solve problems such as low self-esteem, exam anxiety, phobias and even illness. 

You can come to us for hypnosis, sleep coaching and trauma therapy.
Three strong pillars that support each other and ensure that you get quick results. 

Floris on Natscha:

  • Loves jogging and being outdoors.
  • Is an absolute sleep expert (and secretly fond of sleep herself)
  • Is convinced that what you believe in, you can achieve.
  • Is the founding mother of House of Sleep and loves yoga in the process.
  • Her great love are her cats Tiger and Maurice.

Natascha on Floris:

  • Is fond of reading and loves to talk about it.
  • Knows powernapping like no other (does it almost daily, haha).
  • Author of the bestseller Supersleep, which spent weeks at No. 1 on the Management Book Top 100.
  • Loves good food and a good glass of wine (especially Amarone).
  • Feels completely at home in the mountains especially in Alto Adige.

Paula - Marketing

  • Loves sports and prefers to do so every day.
  • Enjoys writing blogs and articles on lifestyle topics.
  • Loves to travel and therefore sees himself living abroad.
  • Often goes to sleep much too late, but secretly doesn't mind that much.
  • Is a top marketer and always makes something great.

Housie - King of Sleep

  • Loves to sleep and is a real super sleeper.
  • Appreciated for his kindness and optimism.
  • Can sometimes be a little mischievous, but it never lasts long.
  • Is loving, usually courageous and pleasantly fluid in spirit.
  • Turns everything into a party, is creative and nimble at the same time.

Nick - Sleep Coach

  • Loves the mountains in Colorado, where he likes to hike for hours.
  • Is not by nature a clean (in)sleeper, and knows (by necessity) exactly which knobs to turn.
  • Breathe and live sleep and taking good care of yourself in a fun and practical way.
  • Is a former professional track cyclist and now enjoys watching and talking about sports as a TV commentator.
  • is almost religious about looking curiously into the world.

Annick - Project management

  • Likes to do many things at once and is a fixer.
  • She helps people sleep better as a sleep coach and relax as a yoga instructor.
  • Loves running, skiing, mountain biking, traveling and reading and writing books.
  • That is why she is a children's author.
  • Becomes happy with warm friendships and having fun.

Dennis - Sleep Coach

  • Is happiest in the mountains.
  • Sees human beings as his specialty.
  • No challenge is too crazy.
  • Lives from humor and positivity.
  • Is a super sleeper and has no trick for that.

Beitske - Sleep Coach

  • Commends himself on this dream job: teaching people to sleep better so they can pursue their dreams.
  • Dog Lukka entices her to take many beautiful walks in nature, even when it rains.
  • Loves chocolate, but not after 6 p.m.
  • Has replaced "Spartan discipline" with "dedication to results"
  • Sleeps best when days are filled with a mix of relaxation and exertion. Enjoys a full work day as much as a vacation day with her family.

Femke - Support Team

  • Rarely sleeps less than 8 hours a night. 
  • Can often be found abroad and enjoys active vacations. 
  • Can be described as ambitious, optimistic and efficient. 
  • Loves sushi and Mexican food. 
  • Listens a lot to podcasts and reads books in her spare time. 

Lobke - Designer

  • Always on the move and full of energy. You will rarely see her sitting still on the couch.
  • Painting, writing, graphic design or content creation - her creativity has many faces.
  • The gym is her place for exercise and relaxation. 
  • Always looking for new experiences, from creative projects to meeting new people.
  • Her bed is her sanctuary, where she likes to relax and recharge.

What customers say:

Great and inspiring book. Life changing.

Renee, 30-39 years old, Uden

Super interesting to read which foods and drinks affect the gut and thus sleep. I also wholeheartedly recommend this book to our clients on a daily basis.

Iris Van Westering, 30-39 years old, Veenendaal

If you want to sleep well and think you have tried everything read this book first. You will become aware of all the elements that affect your sleep.

Bass, age 30-39, Deer

Supersleep is the most complete book on sleep I have ever read! Highly recommended!

Mie, age 50-59, East Flanders

Have you become curious?

If you would like to know how to get comfortable in your skin and especially sleep well, please contact us.

Natascha Wouterson

Natascha Wouterson

(For the attention of Natascha Wouterson)

T: 03 385 31 21 (from abroad: 0032 3 385 31 21)

Floris Wouterson

Floris Wouterson

(For the attention of Floris Wouterson)

T: 03 385 31 21 (from abroad: 0032 3 385 31 21)

Why you will become a Supersleeper here

You may have taken one of our online training courses. For example the Masterclass Supersleep or the video training First Aid for Bad Sleep. Or you use our nutritional supplements or have followed a hypnosis or sleep coaching session.

You may have watched one of Natascha's more than 150 videos on our YouTube channel, in which she talks about the most diverse aspects of a good night's sleep.

Or have you been introduced to our Trauma Reset Method, in which we help you reset your trauma and negative memories in 10 days and get back to feeling good about yourself.

Why you will become a Supersleeper here

"What makes this well-organized book perhaps even more useful is that Wouterson quickly moves on to how to then achieve that deep, restorative sleep."

NRC Handelsblad

It is also quite possible that you have read Floris' bestseller Supersleep. the innovative sleep book that was number 1 in the bestseller top 100 of for weeks and has now sold more than 30,000 copies (and is now also available in German).

Or you may have participated in the SleepImpactScore©. Or our Digital Coach Program to dramatically improve your sleep and sleep quality.

Or maybe you've participated in the Sleep Coach Training, where we deliver several groups of enthusiastic (beginning) sleep coaches each year who get to work helping people in their communities improve their sleep.

Over the past 22 years, we have gathered around us a fine team, who are eager to expertly help you improve your overall well-being and sleep. All under the motto: Energize your life, one night at a time!

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