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The first step is an intake interview, in which we determine together what you need. Then we plan one or more follow-up sessions. The session takes place online or on location. 

You will receive from us all the tools you need to make quick strides. We use only proven scientific methods that we have often simplified, and are just as effective 40 percent of the time. This is because many people who come to us have busy lives and often don't have the time to meditate every day or spend hours in the gym. 

So don't stick around with your problem, contact us and call on our experienced coaches and therapists.

Yes, I will make an appointment!
About Natasha and Floris

About Natasha and Floris

As a certified hypno- & trauma therapist, Natascha helps you with proven methods to reset your negative memories, anxiety, trauma, phobias or pain and get back to feeling good about yourself. So you can finally let go of your past and live the life you actually want, without fear, tension or sadness.

Floris is international bestselling author of the book Supersleep (over 30,000+ copies sold). He and his team of sleep coaches help companies and organizations get their employees to sleep well, helping them to thrive, reduce illness and length of absence, and improve productivity by leaps and bounds.

His refreshing sleep performance tips are read by more than 14,000 enthusiastic followers.

We are proud to count companies such as the Sint Maartenskliniek, Police, Greenyard, LIOF NV, Tax Authority, Etos, Deutsche Bank, Capgemini, Zivver, Garant Möbelgruppe, Naval Inland Navigation or, for example, Van LanschotKempen among our clients.

Would you like to continue following our adventures? Or are you interested in a hypnosis, trauma or 1-on-1 coaching session. Or do you also want fit and rested employees? Then make an appointment or contact us by phone.

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Making an appointment

Book your first free introductory consultation for a hypnosis, sleep coaching or trauma session now. You can also send an email to or contact us by phone: +32 (0) 3 385 31 21. You can reach us by phone from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

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What experts say:

'Sleep - like health - is a skill that consists of understanding underlying systems and your own biology, and connecting with the natural stimuli we have become so isolated from. Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep, with their method, reach out to you with all the practical tools to dramatically improve your performance.'

Kasper van der Meulen - Owner Mindlift Learning and Biohacker

'Everything in the body is connected. We are learning more and more about how our diet and lifestyle affect our health. If you know that stress, nutrition, exercise and even 'my' subject the gut flora all affect how our bodies function, it probably doesn't surprise you that sleep is also an important part of being and staying healthy. And ... all these things affect each other as well! At Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep you can get practical advice on how to improve your sleep and resolve your fears and/or traumas. Because often these are also connected. So highly recommended!

Nienke Gottenbos - Author of The Poop Doctor - Healthy from Mouth to Butt

'Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep provide you with a clear plan to work on your overall well-being. If you are kept from sleeping by fears, phobias or unpleasant memories from the past, you usually don't sleep well either. With Floris and Natascha's method, you will soon feel fit again, regulate your hunger hormones, make you feel like exercise, get rid of your toxins better, dissolve your negative thoughts, make your skin glow and get up with a "yes" feeling! Yes, a meeting can change your life!

Sonja Kimpen - Synergy coach