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No hidden snags or false promises: the information in these e-books will really help you, among other things, to fall asleep easier, sleep well and make more responsible lifestyle choices.

Only NOW only 157 Euro for € 0,- temporary offer

Get the super sleep bundle now

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So how do you achieve that deep restorative sleep? My name is Floris Wouterson and I am a sleep expert. Through my years of experience with the subject of sleep, I know better than anyone what a person needs to achieve it. I am a best-selling author, train hundreds of sleep coaches every year and am also a much sought-after guest speaker.

With my knowledge and experience, I make sure you sleep well, drastically improve your sleep quality and have unprecedented energy. And it doesn't matter if you are a student or a night worker. A morning or evening person or sometimes have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through. My advice always works.

We have bundled all the information you need to quickly improve your sleep and sleep quality in 7 clear e-books. Without having to lie in bed one minute longer! The information is easy to understand: even if you haven't studied it before.

Thanks to handy tips & tricks that you can easily and quickly apply, you can get started improving your sleep right away!

Get the super sleep bundle now

01. Power napping bad for your health? Or the secret weapon of top athletes?

In this e-book, we give you information about the ultimate power nap and share with you our secret power nap formula.

  • Never wake up dull after a power nap again
  • Practical information applicable to everyone
  • Extremely valuable formula for much more energy

worth €22.50

02. A forgotten technique how to fall asleep surprisingly fast for much more focus during the day, without turning your whole life upside down

Do you often suffer from a "full head" and have trouble falling asleep at night? In this e-book we teach you an effective technique that will help you fall asleep more easily in the future.

  • Effective method for falling asleep faster
  • + additional technique to reduce stress
  • More energy, as well as peace and focus during the day

worth €22.50

03. 6 shocking facts you need to know before buying a bed or mattress (number #4 will amaze you)

When working on getting the best night's sleep, a good bed is not to be missed. In this book, we share with you the 6 most common mistakes made when buying a bed or mattress. And just as important: how to avoid making these mistakes.

  • Save a lot of aggravation and frustration
  • No more wasting money on inappropriate products
  • Get insight into what you need

worth €22.50

04. Top sleep coach reveals his best insider tips to sleep deeper and more soundly (without spending 1 minute longer in bed)

In this e-book, we share important information about the best products for a good night's sleep. After reading this e-book, you will have all the information you need to make a good decision.

  • Information generated by sleep professionals
  • Valuable tips that can help you tie a knot
  • Bright facts you probably didn't already know

worth €22.50

05. 7 idiotically simple questions you must ask when choosing your pillow (and never suffer from neck and shoulder pain again)

As with a waterbed or mattress, you want to make the right choice for your pillow. That's pretty precise: there are many types of pillows on the market, so how do you choose what's best for you? This e-book lists the best options, whether you're a back, side or stomach sleeper.

  • Save a lot of aggravation and frustration
  • No more wasting money on inappropriate products
  • Get insight into what you need

worth €22.50

06. Why you should never take a down comforter to the dry cleaner (and 16 more smart comforter tips to make your bed a delight)

What is the most suitable comforter for you? And what should you pay attention to when buying a new comforter? After reading this e-book, all your questions will have been answered and you will be well prepared to look for the perfect comforter for you.

  • Discover the differences between types of comforters
  • Learn how to choose the best comforter for you
  • Comprehensive information on everything about (down) comforters

worth €22.50

07. 14 surprising solutions to quickly get rid of your partner's snoring (without using earplugs)

Do you lie awake for nights because of your partner's cozy snoring? Then this e-book is perfect for you/you. After reading it, you'll know plenty of ways that will help you get rid of your partner's snoring miraculously fast.

  • Learn about the cause of snoring
  • More importantly, how to tackle snoring
  • Comprehensive information, understandable to all

worth €22.50

Why you want to get the super sleep bundle in your home.

These days the Internet is full of information on every conceivable subject. You can't see the forest for the trees. "This you should do to sleep better," and "this you shouldn't. What should you believe?

The information we offer in our e-books is one hundred percent reliable and written in such a way that you only absorb the most important things. No more nonsensical promises or small print, just manageable, immediately applicable tips.

The Supersleeping Bundle provides you with much more besides all the secrets indispensable for unprecedented life energy:

  • From now on, you will no longer have energy dips during the day and will always have enough energy, without turning your whole life upside down
  • The science of continuing to perform at a high level, even in highly stressful times
  • How you can stop your 'racing mind' on command, anytime, anywhere in less than 5 minutes
  • How to get more deep and REM sleep without spending 1 minute longer in bed
  • How to ensure that restorative sleep, where your biorhythm and immune system work for you at night (instead of against you...)
  • What you can do, if you have slept for 7 to 8 hours and still don't feel rested
  • What to pay attention to when choosing a good comforter and pillow without endlessly grazing the Internet. You'll get all the knowledge, tools and checklists you need to make a smart decision.


Only NOW €0 !

Get the Supersleeping bundle now

What customers say:

"Everyone wants to sleep well, but doing something for it is sometimes difficult. I'm not going to say that I would never have succeeded on my own, but I am convinced that without the Supersleeping Deluxe Edition I would never have recognized underlying patterns so clearly and quickly."

Sanne Haarhuis - NL hot air ballooning champion

"For 12 years I had been sleeping very badly. I have been to several doctors and therapists for this. Because I had started the Paleo diet, I did notice some improvement in my sleep over the past six months. Because I slept poorly, I was less fit and active. I like to work in my garden, but I didn't have the energy for that anymore. I did not hesitate for a moment to purchase the Supersleeping Bundle. I now sleep well again and wake up much less often. Highly recommended!"

Margot Vermolen - Senior HSP and burnout coach

"I don't sleep enough. And that eventually caused me to fall into burnout, so I couldn't work anymore. Couldn't type an app or write an email anymore. I couldn't tolerate anyone around me anymore because everything was too much. Even noise was too much. I couldn't do anything at all actually. Your bundle was really a great help."

Kees Geluk

"Because of the bundle, I have begun to address a problem that I don't really want to call a problem. Since the birth of my son, my sleep has been completely messed up. And of course having a son is heartbreaking, so I'm not complaining about that either. But my sleep rhythm was disturbed and I wanted to change that, and with the tips from the bundle I managed to do that surprisingly well."

Stephan van Irsen


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