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How to escape the energy-hungry stress spiral?

Would you like to possess the secret of unprecedented life energy? 

Suppose there is a method, where you focus only on the essentials, without all kinds of "fluff" and start your day fully energized. 

The one that produces the most results, in the least amount of time? 

There are an awful lot of talented people, and maybe you are one of them, who experience a plateau in terms of energy levels and do NOT understand why they just can't seem to break out of this situation. 

Or ... and this is perhaps even worse ... sacrificing a possible promotion or starting their own business because they are short of burn out. 

This causes them to put fun things ahead of themselves and meanwhile feel guilty for letting it get this far and not living up to their potential. 

And if you recognize yourself in these situations, please know that my book Supersleep will be immensely valuable to you, because you may currently be stuck in the energy-hungry stress spiral. 

"You are constantly on, working more than you want to (which takes unnecessary energy and effort)."

To your mind, you don't really get anywhere with your ambitions but you know you have a lot going for you. This frustrates you and works itself out on your health.

And ... you have less income and free time than your original plan. Recognizable? 

Being stuck in the energy-hungry stress spiral, of a kind of glass ceiling, has nothing to do with...

... your commitment

... your level of education

... your motivation

... your background

... or the ambitions you have

It's something else that makes the difference....

And this is what I want to talk to you about today.


This can change everything for you !

That deep, restorative sleep is probably the opposite of what you read on the Internet or hear from other "health coaches

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Unfortunately, most of the advice you get or read about sleep and recovery does not work. 

Scientifically, this advice is all correct, but for individuals with busy lives, the advice is usually unrealistic, impractical, difficult to sustain and time-consuming. 

So you will NOT discover in my book Supersleep how to become a Zen Master or Yoga Teacher.

In my book Supersleep, practical lifestyle principles for your best sleep ever, you get a method without radical changes, but with small steps that have big effects. Become a Supersleeper too and discover: 

  • What the very worst sleeping position is and how to get rid of it in one fell swoop
  • What the Wake Up Happy method is and how to apply it in 5 minutes a day
  • How the Ultimate Powernap Formula gives you much more energy
  • How to sleep much better with the right foods
  • How top athletes dramatically improve their performance with sleep
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Floris Wouterson
Sleep Performance Coach
Antwerp, Belgium

The method that helps you start your day energetically every morning.

Dear Supersleeper, 

Many talented people are caught in the energy-guzzling stress spiral. 

At the end of the day, they suffer from mental overtiredness and find it difficult to relax.

At some point, you run out of time and energy.

You reach a ceiling in terms of energy level.

You have slept for 7 to 8 hours and when you wake up in the morning you do not feel rested. 

Meanwhile, you're sleeping worse and worse, and you're constantly on your... 

You may also notice that the fun and passion are increasingly fading into the background.

But not only that, you notice that you start performing below your level. 

You come to the conclusion that you are stuck in your own energy-hungry stress spiral

WHAT is the secret of Supersleepers? What have they discovered that you don't know yet? 

I'll get right to the point. 

The secret of the Supersleeper is drastically improving your Deep Sleep !

From my own experience, I know this is the most effective way for individuals with busy lives. 

To have unprecedented energy and say goodbye to mental overtiredness for good. 

And when you know inside, you actually work way too hard....

And always thinking, you will "sleep in" later on vacation, which you probably won't manage..... 

And when you've just settled down a bit, the vacations are already over. And the circus starts all over again....

Let alone, that you managed to let go of work while on vacation...still check that email on your phone, or answer that WhatsApp message.....

If you know, you should take more rest breaks, but don't do it....

If you know, you should be making less hay, but don't....

And if you're wondering if this will ever change, my book Supersleep is highly recommended. 

Floris I know enough and order the book + 2 bonuses

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Take a look...

My story

I am a sleep expert, author and keynote speaker.

Hi, I am Floris Wouterson.

I help people with busy lives such as executives, coaches, consultants, elite athletes, or IT entrepreneurs dramatically improve their sleep and recovery.

So people who operate in stressful and competitive environments, who want to perform at a high level. Wanting to give their best and make an impact in their environment. 

I am married to Natascha and father of 2 adult children.

After my High School Education, I always wanted to work in finance. 

So I did this for a long time: private banking, informal investing, asset management, equities, real estate, you name it... mission accomplished.

But it came at a price: solid sleep problems....

When I look back on this period...I sometimes say, 'how glad I am that I had the courage to put my health and relationship #1 at that time.' 

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And I don't like bullshit at all....

If you look at the course I have taken, both privately and professionally, I am living proof that you can give your life a huge UPGRADE if you make yourself 100% responsible for your own health and success. 

...I therefore believe that as an entrepreneur, you hold the key to taking your health and success FULLY into your own hands. 

You don't have to compromise and work 60 to 80 hours to achieve your goals. 

Yet I did before.... 

My career used to be number #1, but how successful are you if you're not healthy?

Always on the go, often evening events with clients, and always and everywhere accessible.

At the time, this seemed like the promised land.... 

Cool car, good salary, nice year-end bonus, promotion ... I was totally the man. 

Yet something wasn't right for me. I noticed that it was giving me less and less satisfaction. 

It made me "tired," I was stressed, slept poorly and especially my immediate environment suffered. 

Business-wise I was there for everyone, but for my home environment I had no more energy, no desire. 

Something along the lines of, "Leave me alone...

Meanwhile, I started sleeping worse and worse, I was constantly on ... 

I also noticed that the fun and passion were becoming more and more in the background. 

But not only that, I noticed that I started performing below my level

I came to the conclusion that I was stuck in my own energy-hungry stress spiral

That with a lot of willpower and discipline I would reach my goals.

Possess unprecedented life energy

Mental overtiredness was the new normal for me, and I didn't even notice it myself....

Deep inside, I knew, I had much more to offer, that I was leaving opportunities untapped and was no longer really sharp. 

I was therefore missing opportunities or would be overtaken by a colleague. 

It also frustrated me that I couldn't give my clients and team the best of myself. That gnawed at me. 

Yes, I want the book + 2 bonuses

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Every change begins with a choice.

I made the choice not to continue on this path.

What kind of father are you if you are not emotionally present for your children?

Or as a joke, in the past I would sometimes say, "Mom, who is that gentleman who comes to our house on Fridays to cut the meat?

Doing nothing for a while and being emotionally present for those around you is important.  

Even now I sometimes have great difficulty with this. I want to be in motion; a sense of "standing still" makes me restless

Now this may sound like "driven," but in all honesty the motivation behind it may not be as charming: when I'm not working, I feel a kind of restlessness. 

And when I'm working, I don't have this restless feeling. So it is a kind of compensatory behavior that I often see in others as well. 

But we are not "human doings" but "human beings. 

This way, of course, you get a lot done, but what is the price you pay for this? 

In fact, you are always "on" and there is a kind of permanent restlessness. 

This creates that energy-guzzling stress spiral. Latent or invisible admittedly, but in the long run it erodes you. 

Your body acidifies, and an acidified body is the ideal breeding ground for such things as pathogens. It affects your sleep and especially your performance. 

Therefore, I made a radical choice and made my health priority #1. 

So it is AND-AND, not OR-OF !

A good night's sleep and success or career go well together

So you don't have to leave one for the other. 

And the only solution is to drastically improve your DEEP SLEEP !

By the way, when I look at this picture, I am proud.

This is one of the main reasons I want to be healthy and vital, be there for my family and do fun things together.  

Yes, I want the book + 2 bonuses

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Meanwhile, my book is also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

My biggest challenge was my sleep. 

Or better formulated the lack of that deep, restorative sleep

My book received a 5-star rating from the NRC Handelsblad.

'What makes is overview book perhaps even more useful is that Wouterson quickly moves on to how to then achieve that deep, restorative sleep'

NRC Handelsblad

Through trial and error, I have discovered what it takes to achieve this deep, restorative sleep. 

I discovered why it is so important to spend enough time in your DEEP SLAAP. 

What knobs to turn to get this done. 

I know from experience that many entrepreneurs and other people working in stressful and competitive environments get far less DEEP SLAAP, than they need.

Over the past 17+ years, I have come to develop tools, strategies and techniques for deep, restorative sleep.  

I tentatively tested this with a small group of people and it has since grown into my 12-week "Executive Coaching Program" for which they pay €2,700.

The results are phenomenal:

"Sleep became my pink elephant; I had a structural problem with sleeping for years. I now sleep through all nights, with exceptions here and there. This was the exact opposite before.How happy can you be when you have struggled for so many years?" "

Gert van de Velde


"I have a large practice in osteopathy near Cologne and unexpectedly I was confronted with epilepsy. As an entrepreneur (and manual therapist) I cannot afford to sleep badly and this had been a problem for years.Thanks to Floris' personal approach, I have regained control of my sleep and thankfully sleep much better than before."

Eduard Böhler

osteopath and entrepreneur

From now on you won't have to read any other book about sleep....

For three years they asked me to finally write down this knowledge. I went for the axe and started working this into a book. 

The book Supersleep: practical lifestyle principles for your best night's sleep ever. 

This book contains all my knowledge from the past 17+ years to dramatically improve your sleep and recovery. Especially for active people in stressful and competitive environments

This is what you will discover in Supersleep:

  • How to get more deep sleep without spending 1 minute longer in bed and wake up fit and rested in the morning
  • How to stop your 'racing mind' on command, anytime, anywhere in less than 60 seconds
  • How to ensure that restorative sleep, where your biorhythm and immune system work for you at night 
  • Why it is that when you have slept for 7 to 8 hours you do not feel rested and how to fix this in less than 7 days
  • The knowledge to perform at a high level permanently, even in a highly stressful and competitive environment 
  • What a good sleep strategy looks like without turning your whole life upside down. So no need to spend hours in the gym or hours meditating.
  • Why it is that more than 90 percent of people who sleep poorly continue to sleep poorly (and continue to take sleep medication)
  • What's the best way to say goodbye to mental overtiredness for good
  • What the 3 biggest sleep killers are. These aren't work stress, caffeine or alcohol, they are entirely different things why you don't sleep well
  • Which 10 nutritional supplements will help you fall asleep much faster and have far fewer broken nights
  • What gut health has to do with a good night's sleep and why this is one of the most important prerequisites for that deep, restorative night's sleep
  • How 'Gut Smashing' helps you quickly relax in less than 2 minutes
  • How to adjust your sleep environment, bed and mattress with a few simple interventions so that your body knows on autopilot: 'I'm ready for the night'
  • The best techniques to get rid of fretting and hours of staring at the ceiling for good.

With the tools, strategies and techniques in this book, you will discover how much DEEP SLAAP you need, how to improve and optimize it, without spending 1 minute longer in bed.

Yes, I want the book + 2 bonuses

(Ordered before 6 p.m., shipped today)

What would happen for you if you drastically improved your sleep and recovery?

  • That you wake up fit and rested in the morning?
  • That you can start your day energetically? 
  • That you are emotionally present to those around you? 
  • That you no longer underperform and make much more impact? 
  • That you won't be overtaken by a competitor or colleague?
  • That you are less distracted and have more focus? 

In other words, "what does this deep, restorative sleep give you?

  • You don't have to work as hard to achieve the same thing
  • You possess an unseen mental freshness that ensures you are sharp every moment
  • You are much more creative and make better decisions
  • You make fewer mistakes and are much sharper
  • You have a better appearance and much more energy
  • You don't always have to be "on" anymore
  • Bye bye mental overtiredness

Deep, restorative sleep is closer than ever. 

I reveal my full plan of action in my book Supersleep. And especially if you have a packed schedule and work in a stressful and competitive environment. You'll soon be off to drastically improve your sleep and recovery

With the book Supersleep, you now get these 2 free bonuses: 

Bonus #1: Video Training Micro Habits

Existing habits often hold us in a grip. There is a reason why most guitars are always sold as "almost new" on in early January. You make plans for the new year with fresh courage, but they soon fade after a few weeks. 

It's the same with habits for sleeping well. You'll discover how to create rock-solid (sleep) habits without turning your whole life upside down (a game-changer for many). It's the difference between waking up feeling refreshed and energetic or feeling as groggy as a cleaning rag. 

Value € 197.00 EUR

Bonus #2: Reality Check Call with my team.

You look at where you are now, what you want to achieve and how best to get there. How nice to get the right focus for the period ahead during a conversation. 

Value: 147.00 EUR

So this is all you get:

  • My physical book Supersleep: practical lifestyle principles for your best night's sleep ever.
  • More than 25,000 copies sold
  • FREE access to all online bonus material 
  • How to still sleep in on weekends without disrupting your biorhythms
  • How to unlearn belly sleeping and why it is the worst sleeping position at all
  • The best method to reduce stress in real time, making falling asleep automatic
  • And much more... 
  • Bonus #1: Video training Micro Habits: how to create ironclad (sleep) habits without turning your whole life upside down (a gamechanger for many).
  • Bonus #2: Reality Check Call with my team: You look at where you are now, what you want to achieve and how to get there the fastest.
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Here is my guarantee

Get acquainted with my book and bonuses for 90 days. If for some reason you don't find it valuable, I will refund you the money.

Send an email to my customer service department ( and we will refund you promptly.

Get your version of Supersleep now + 2 bonuses

The thing is, if you keep trading your health for business success, you will never be able to escape your own energy-hungry stress spiral. 

Say goodbye to mediocrity forever and drastically improve your DEEP SLAAP for unprecedented life energy. 

Yes, I want the book + 2 bonuses

(Ordered today before 6 p.m., shipped same day)

Floris Wouterson

About Floris

Floris Wouterson is Europe's first Sleep Performance Coach. He has over 17+ years of experience and has helped thousands of people get that deep, restorative night's sleep. He is author of the bestseller Supersleep, which has now also been published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Every year he trains dozens of independent sleep coaches. He also does this in-company, providing HR professionals, company doctors, case managers or, for example, vitality managers with all the tools, techniques and strategies they need to get their employees to sleep well and thereby greatly reduce dropouts such as burnout, (long-term) absenteeism or accidents in the workplace. 

For this purpose, he developed the Sleep Deprivation Calculator © to provide insight into the economic impact of employees who do not sleep well. This is measured by absenteeism, presenteeism, mistakes in the workplace or socially undesirable behavior. He shows how to make sleep deprivation negotiable, but also how the right "onboarding" can help employees drastically improve their sleep and sleep quality. This has also proven to be of great value if irregular hours or shift-work is involved. 

I started in the Netherlands and Belgium, but my book has also been published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have already helped many companies like CapGemini, Etos, Deutsche Bank, VU Amsterdam, Sint Maartenskliniek, Nederlandse Vereniging van Arbeidsdeskundigen or, for example, the employment agency Unique.

As a result, sleep, recovery and the consequences of sleep deprivation are now structurally on many management agendas. During the publication of his book Superslapen, he calculated that the (measurable) consequences of sleep deprivation amount to 12.4 billion Euros for the Netherlands and no less than 8.3 billion Euros for Belgium. This is a multiple of the costs of traffic jams or, for example, the consequences of alcohol behind the wheel. 

Floris is passionately curious, and when he dreams, he dreams of sleep. You can wake him up for a game of tennis, padel or golf. Hiking in the mountains is also one of his great passions. 

When he cannot be found behind a book, he undertakes fun things with his wife, family or friends and explains why sleep is more important than eating and exercising together.

What experts say:

'There is little that can help your enjoyment of life and work as much as good, deep sleep. In 'Supersleep' Floris gives you a comprehensive series of practical tips to upgrade your sleep. So read it'

Taco Oosterkamp

#1 bestselling author and expert in productivity

'The book Superslapen grants the reader a refreshing look at sleep and how it can be optimized. Principles of good sleep hygiene, the usefulness of a good mattress or bed, the underestimated influence of our diet and intestinal flora, the importance of exercise and a secure sleep environment are reviewed. Known and less obvious advice are provided in an accessible manner. The book is very practically written and reads like a novel.'

Prof. Johan Verbraecken

medical coordinator Sleep center UZ Antwerpen

'Recent research confirms that changing thinking patterns is the key to treating insomnia. In Floris' book, you'll discover ways to break your own thinking patterns.'

Dr. Patrick De Wit

Neurologist and sleep research coordinator AZ Voorkempen