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General conditions

Article 1 - Liability

Great care is taken in the content and composition of the House of Sleep website. However, we cannot guarantee that the information on the site is correct and complete at all times and in all respects. The information provided is purely informative and does not constitute an offer that can bind House of Sleep in any way whatsoever. House of Sleep has the right, without prior notice, to modify, expand or remove any information on the website at any time. We recommend that you verify all prices, features, specifications and availability of the products in our House of Sleep store.

Article 2 - Indicative prices, including VAT

Several variants of the products shown are available in our store. For precise information, professional advice or an offer of your chosen variant, please turn to our staff in our store. All information about products and prices on the House of Sleep site are stated subject to errors and changes.

Article 3 - Statements and quotes from third parties.

The House of Sleep website and blog may contain statements and quotes from third parties. House of Sleep is in no way responsible for the reliability and/or accuracy of the data, opinions, advice or statements contained in these third-party statements or quotes. The fact that House of Sleep uses these statements or quotes is for informational purposes only and in no way implies that House of Sleep accepts responsibility for the content.

Article 4 - Property Rights.

The entire contents of this website, including text, images, illustrations, graphics, data, its appearance and creation are protected by intellectual and industrial rights, including but not limited to copyright and trademark rights. You are permitted to consult this website online according to the provisions of these general terms and conditions. You are permitted to make a printout of this website or parts thereof or copy pieces thereof onto a digital data carrier, provided they are intended solely for your personal use or consultation.

Article 5 - Consent

If you want to publish information, such as texts or parts of texts, images and graphic material of any kind or other data from the website, in any form whatsoever, you need our permission beforehand. You can request this permission via info@house of

Article 6 - Applicable law

The product information provided through this website are subject to the rules of Belgian law to which they are subject.

Article 7 - General conditions of sale and delivery of House of Sleep

Here you can read all about the terms and conditions that matter when you place an order with House of Sleep.

These general conditions of sale and delivery apply to all orders transmitted to us. By placing an order, the customer accepts these terms and conditions and agrees to their contents. Deviations from these terms and conditions, even if stated on documents issued by the customer, are only enforceable if confirmed by us in writing.

The customer is expected to know and approve all goods present where they are at the time of delivery.

The delivery times specified by us are always approximate, never binding. Unless otherwise confirmed by us in writing. Delays in delivery can only give rise to compensation after the customer issues a written notice of default. He can do this at the earliest when the specified delivery period of two months has been exceeded. In any case, the amount of this compensation may never exceed 10% of the overall price.

Transport is always at the buyer's risk, unless otherwise agreed in writing.For delivery of the goods on the 3rd floor or higher, there is an additional charge if the elevator in the apartment building cannot be used.

If the number of pieces upon delivery does not correspond to the order, this must be reported by the customer at the time of delivery. Visible defects must also be reported immediately upon receipt of the goods. Complaints from the buyer regarding the quantity or size must be made by registered mail within 8 days.

Purchased goods must be collected at the latest 14 days after they are made available. If the goods are not accepted within this period, House of Sleep has the right, without prior notice of default, either to demand payment or to regard the sale as legally terminated. In the latter case, the buyer shall owe House of Sleep fixed and undiminished damages. This compensation shall then be equal to 20% of the sale price with a minimum of 150,- Euro.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your purchase of a digital product (such as the e-book or audiobook). Why? Because you start using these products immediately and before the expiration of the withdrawal period. You can find more information on the website of the European Consumer Centre, based in Brussels.

The buyer shall become the owner of the goods as soon as he has paid all that is due, arising from the delivery, including all costs, interest or incumbency.

Every invoice issued at our sales office is payable in cash, despite disputes. Non-payment entitles House of Sleep to suspend deliveries or demand the termination of the sale with damages. In the event of non-payment after 14 days, the client shall owe, without any notice of default being required, a fixed and non-reducible compensation. These damages amount to an increase of at least 20% on the outstanding sales amount with a minimum of 150,-Euro. Possible legal costs and an annual interest of 12% from invoice date are also payable by the customer in case of non-payment.

In the event of defects in the goods, House of Sleep has the right to repair them expertly or replace the parts without this repair or replacement being able to give rise to a price reduction.

All disputes, to which this agreement would give rise, belong exclusively to the competence of the Court of Antwerp.

Here you can read all about how we handle your personal data.

Article 8 -Privacy safeguards

House of Sleep represented by NINE SENSES BV guarantees you that your personal information that you provide - being all information that can be traced back to your person - will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on or sold to third parties.

House of Sleep represented by NINE SENSES BV may share this information with affiliated companies or business partners. If you object to the recording of your data, please let us know in writing. Your data will then be removed from our database.