Supersleeping (English Edition)

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In Supersleeping, acclaimed Sleep Performance Coach Floris Wouterson introduces a revolutionary approach to achieving your best night’s sleep, vital for peak performance in every aspect of life. With over 30,000+ copies sold, this fully revised edition, including an essential chapter on coping with irregular shifts, offers practical lifestyle principles that will transform the way you sleep.

More crucial than diet and exercise combined, sleep is the cornerstone of exceptional performance—whether you’re navigating the demands of the corporate world, fueling entrepreneurial ventures, working night shifts, or striving for athletic excellence. Lack of quality sleep not only impairs decision-making and increases the likelihood of workplace errors, but also poses significant health risks—ranging from car accidents to sports injuries—and heightens the chances of long-term conditions like burnout and prediabetes.



Supersleeping offers you a method that doesn’t require radical changes. It’s the small steps that have the greatest effect. Become a Supersleeper too, and discover:

  • The most detrimental sleep position: how to immediately correct it
  • The innovative Rock-Around-The-Clock system for irregular working hours
  • Nutritional adjustments that lead to deeper, more restorative sleep
  • The Ultimate Power Nap Formula: a game changer for boosting daytime energy
  • Elite athletes’ sleep secrets for elevating performance to new heights

Endorsed with a 5-star review by NRC Handelsblad (a Dutch newspaper of record) for its practicality and focus on achieving deep, restorative sleep, Supersleeping is more than a book—it’s a lifestyle revolution. Welcome to the future of sleep.

Supersleeping offers readers a refreshing perspective on sleep and how it can be optimized. While this book is very practical, it reads like a novel.’
– Professor Johan Verbraecken, Medical Coordinator of the Sleep Center at Antwerp University Hospital

‘I know from experience how important sleep and recovery are. In his book, Floris shows in an enjoyable and approachable way how you can dramatically improve your performance through restorative sleep. I would say: don’t miss out on the tips in this fully revised edition.’
– Mark Tuitert, Multiple Olympic Gold medallist speed skating, public speaker and author

‘At AZ Alkmaar, we are great believers in the power of sleep, because: “training relies on recovery.” We use Supersleeping in our development program for top athletes, to teach our players about this important topic, so they can continue to develop and perform at the highest of levels.’
– Bart Heuvingh, Head of Elite Sport Development at AZ & author of Tomorrow’s Talent