Floris Wouterson

The Supersleep Method

This is the first calculation tool in the Netherlands and Belgium that indicates extremely accurately the costs of poor sleep within an organization or team.

Digital Coach Program

Discover how to reduce employee absenteeism in an approachable and fun way with the latest insights from sleep science.

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Floris as a speaker

A lecture in which I cover important tips on sleep and the latest insights from (medical) science.

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Sleep coach training

This sleep coach course was developed in collaboration with Sonnevelt Training. During 4 course days.

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Book: Supersleep

SuperSlapen is the first Dutch book on sleep that shows that nutrition is an important part of a good night's sleep.

You'll discover, among other things:

  • What the very worst sleep position is and how to get rid of it in 1 go
  • The Wake Up Happy method, which you apply in 5 minutes a day
  • The Ultimate Powernap Formula, to have much more energy during the day
  • The best superfoods to sleep better What you can learn from top cyclists to use sleep to dramatically improve your performance

Download the 3-part sneak preview in advance:

  • Audiobook (the 8 best tips)
  • E-book (summary)
  • Key points (for your best night's sleep ever)
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"What makes this well-organized book perhaps even more useful is that Wouterson quickly moves on to how to then achieve that deep, restorative sleep."

NRC Handelsblad

"I didn't expect the coaching to be life changing. Two months ago I couldn't have imagined that I would get up at 05:30 a.m. every day, well rested. And times the past wedstrjd I haven't had a moment's trouble getting out of bed at 03:30 and also didn't suffer from my energy dips anymore."

Sanne Haarhuis - Dutch Hot Air Ballooning Champion 2016

About Floris

Floris is Europe's first Sleep Performance Coach.

  • Author of the bestseller Superslapen, the first Dutch-language book with practical lifestyle principles for the best night's sleep ever with over 35,000+ copies sold (also available in German and soon in English).
  • For the past 18 years, Floris has helped thousands of people get that deep, restorative night's sleep
  • He is the founder of the SleepImpactScore© an innovative tool for mapping sleep problems.
  • He developed the first micro-learning platform for sleep to help every employee sleep well
  • Floris has his own sleep coach training program in partnership with Sonnevelt Training and a team of certified sleep coaches
  • Floris coaches top athletes at home and abroad to perform better
  • He advises companies and organizations to reduce illness and long-term absenteeism by early detection of sleep problems
  • Floris has been interviewed in NRC Handelsblad, BNR, NPO2, Radio 2, Vitalogie Magazine, AD, Knack, VT4, ATV, RTL4 Ambassadors Magazine and KMO Insider, among others
  • He is publisher of the micro magazine Business Athlete: a platform for HR professionals who take a progressive view of business vitality
  • He is also a Guest Lecturer at ROI Boosting Academy and the creator of the Sleep Deficit Calculator

What customers say:

'Sleep - like health - is a skill that consists of understanding underlying systems and your own biology, and connecting with the natural stimuli we have become so isolated from. Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep, with their method, reach out to you with all the practical tools to dramatically improve your performance.'

Kasper van der Meulen - Owner Mindlift Learning and Biohacker

'Everything in the body is connected. We are learning more and more about how our diet and lifestyle affect our health. If you know that stress, nutrition, exercise and even 'my' subject the gut flora all affect how our bodies function, it probably doesn't surprise you that sleep is also an important part of being and staying healthy. And ... all these things affect each other as well! At Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep you can get practical advice on how to improve your sleep and resolve your fears and/or traumas. Because often these are also connected. So highly recommended!

Nienke Gottenbos - Author of The Poop Doctor - Healthy from Mouth to Butt

'Floris and Natascha of House of Sleep provide you with a clear plan to work on your overall well-being. If you are kept from sleeping by fears, phobias or unpleasant memories from the past, you usually don't sleep well either. With Floris and Natascha's method, you will soon feel fit again, regulate your hunger hormones, make you feel like exercise, get rid of your toxins better, dissolve your negative thoughts, make your skin glow and get up with a "yes" feeling! Yes, a meeting can change your life!

Sonja Kimpen - Synergy coach


Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you often sick? In fact, during your deep sleep, a large part of your white white blood cells are produced. You'll find out in this video.

Does your butt get bigger from sitting a lot?

Exercising B2 to 3 times a week is not enough to prevent your butt from getting bigger (even up to 50 percent) ! See for yourself.

Faster on the john than Verstappen?

Magnesium is one of the most important ingredients for sleeping well. But don't not make this mistake, because you'll be in the john faster than... Then watch this video

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Based on proven scientific methods

SuperSlapen is the first Dutch book on sleep that shows that nutrition is an important part of a good night's sleep.

Free sneak preview:

  • Audiobook (the 8 best tips)
  • E-book (summary)
  • Key points (for your best night's sleep ever)

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5/5 – NRC Handelsblad