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Sleep coach training

This sleep coach (beginning) course was developed ... in collaboration with Sonnevelt Training Programs

Training (beginning) sleep coach

About sleep coach training

This sleep coach course was developed in collaboration with Sonnevelt Opleidingen. During 4 course days, we focus on the causes and consequences of poor sleep and sleep deprivation.

The following topics are covered: sleep science, sleep hygiene -environment and comfort, causes and solutions of sleep problems and sleep physiology.


  • 7 years in a row best trainer in the Netherlands
  • SNRO accredited (only one in the Netherlands)
  • NRTO and CROKBO quality mark
  • Accreditation KNOV, MBOG, NFG, NWP, BALC

What trainees say:

The training provides a solid foundation to get started as a Sleep Coach. And the training is taught with great knowledge and humor by Floris. Very inspiring (that he is a frequent reader and researcher comes through in everything.

Dick Kuiper

The instructor was very inspiring and had a certain speed during the course days that gave you no chance to nap.

Bernadette Deenen

An extremely inspiring course and teacher that encourages you to experiment for yourself with the many ways to learn to sleep better. A well spent investment in myself and in my desire to make my fellow man more powerful and healthier.

Anita Beijer

Through the Sleep Coach training I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding sleep. Expanding my expertise in nutrition with the topic of sleep makes my support and guidance to a healthy lifestyle even more valuable.

Emily Drossaert

An inspiring and motivating journey of discovery to gain knowledge and understanding of an underestimated topic called sleep that has unmissable intersections with exercise and healthy eating.

Gerwin van Eldik

For whom.

The (continuing education) course sleep coach is a valuable addition for mental coaches, career coaches, HR managers, case and reintegration managers, (company) doctors, labor experts, personal trainers, exercise coaches, vitality coaches, life coaches and stress and burnout coaches, among others.

In addition, the (continuing education) course is of interest to healthcare professionals, such as psychotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, social educational workers, walking coaches, running trainers and mindfulness trainers, who want to combine the sleep coach course with other forms of coaching.

Average rating of over 100 students:

9.5 | Teacher rating (Floris)

9.1 | Overall impression training

Training content

Day 1 | Sleep Science

  • What is sleep and the different stages of sleep
  • Why do we sleep?
  • What is the relationship between sleep and age?
  • What are the 3 dimensions of good sleep?
  • What are the consequences of poor sleep and (chronic) sleep deprivation?
  • What is the difference between sleep deprivation and sleep problems?
  • What is a chronotype, how is it determined and how do you use this knowledge intelligently?

Day 2 | Sleep hygiene - Sleep environment - Sleep comfort

  • What 5 factors are important when selecting a good mattress?
  • What are sleep routines and how do you best deploy them?
  • What does the ideal sleep environment look like?
  • Can you solve sleep problems with external tools?

Day 3 | Causes and solutions of sleep problems

  • What are the main causes of poor sleep?
  • What sleep patterns underlie a sleep disorder?
  • What is the typology of a bad sleeper and what thinking mistakes do they make?
  • How do you quiet the most important senses?
  • What forms of exercise support a good night's sleep?
  • What is CBT and ACT and what is the difference between the two?
  • What does the (beginning) sleep coach's protocol look like?

Day 4 | Sleep Physiology

  • What is the relationship between nutrition and sleep?
  • The 12-stage stress model
  • Why is gut health so critical to sleeping well?
  • What is the most determinant of deep restorative sleep?

For more information about the Sleep Coach Training, visit www.sonneveltopleidingen.nl

or contact us at info@sonneveltopleidingen.nl / +31 (0) 418 515 782

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What other students say:

Very inspiring, with new insights.

- Mike van Veghel

The Sleep Coach Training is inspiring, knowledge-enriching and far from sleep-inducing (thanks in part to the energetic instructor). It provides great insight into how we humans think and act, not just in the area of sleep.

- Nicoline Wiersma

The Sleep Coach Training is engaging, inspiring and interesting.

- Esther Groenhuijzen

Full days, inspiring, never a dull moment, super educational and very interactive.

- Heidi Hop

Interesting, clear, lots of info so learned a lot I didn't already know

- Nancy Miller

For me, the Sleep Coach Training made a line from all the loose knowledge gained and made it concrete that it can be brought to practice.

- Martijn Vis

Hugely broad in topics, a discovery about the influence of sleep on everything and vice versa.

- Emily Visser

The Sleep Coach training filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle for me. Not only does the instructor, Floris Wouterson, inspire you to better understand sleep, he also challenges you to look at yourself and/or your coachee to discover the deeper layer of why you sleep badly and what behavioral patterns and thoughts/beliefs underlie this. A must-follow for any Vitality, Stress and/or Hormone Coach.

- Kim Helmer

An inspiring refresher course. With an inspiring teacher who has a lot of knowledge about sleep and sleep problems. I was certainly able to develop a good basis about sleep in order to be able to grow from here.

- Miranda Groenenberg

The Sleep Coach training has made me aware of what an impact poor sleep can have on a person. Through the insights, filling my toolbox and the tireless enthusiasm of the instructors, I am going to make my environment sleep well.

- Dennis van Straalen

It was inspiring because of the content as much as the way of conveying it

- Kurt Hullenkremer

The Sleep Coach Training has given me valuable practical tools to support my clients in restoring sleep.

- Ella Meijer

Powerful education backed by science

- Arne Leemans

An inspiring, engaging education that takes you from minute 1 on the express train named Floris into the wonderful, captivating world of sleep and everything related to it

- Sandra Kisters

A non-sleep-inducing education to ensure that you get better quality sleep.

- Daphne Kempkens-Utens

Very inspiring and immediately applicable!

- Annagreet Rekker

Very informative and the training is well structured

- Bart van Vlaanderen

From spiritual wandering in sleepland to insightful handouts!

- Michael Ling

It was an intensive, inspiring training that is so comprehensive. Really to the point!

- Sigrid Ruigrok

The subject of sleep is broad, there is so much to say and learn about it. In this training course, all fundamental issues related to good sleep, insomnia and insomniacs are explained in a short time in a clear, compact and insightful manner. explained in an insightful way. When an instructor is full of passion regarding the subject, it touches the student in an enthusiastic and inspiring way. He has, in a nice, involved and approachable way, in a short He was able to convey an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in a short period of time.

- Evalien Swillens

The Sleep Coach Training was all-encompassing for me, a broad spectrum of topics and yet sufficient depth. I found it an inspiring and interactive training, full of good tools to start working as a coach myself. myself as a coach.

- Julie Bossaert

I looked forward to it immensely every time and was sorry when a day ended!

- Jarno Verheijen

The combination between the knowledge transfer and applicable tools got me very motivated to start helping people with sleep problems!

- Jeroen Bouman

A good basic course covering all aspects of sleep. Diverse and challenging, fun interspersed with homework and group assignments

- Nelleke Nijenhuis

An inspiring course with both theory and practice.

- Cheryl Müller

Very satisfied and successful trainees