Discover how the SleepImpactScore© quickly and effectively maps your employees' sleep quality, saving your company thousands of dollars in absenteeism costs.

Is sleep deprivation quietly undermining your business productivity?

Did you know that poor sleep is one of the biggest, but often overlooked, causes of decreased employee performance and increased absenteeism? 

A CZ Health Insurance survey revealed that 27% of employees cite sleep problems as the main cause of their absenteeism.

This while only 11% of employers recognize it as a health risk.

This puts sleep problems in second place in terms of health risks after work stress when looking at TNO's Work Stress Fact Sheet Week.

Thus, sleep deprivation is a major but often overlooked factor of lost productivity and absenteeism.

Imagine your employees struggling with undetected sleep problems, leading to decreased concentration, lower productivity and even health problems. This can have a huge impact on business results and work atmosphere.

Sleep problems, caused by both work and personal factors, can negatively impact employee performance and/or employability.

11% of employers and 17% of employees see sleep disorders as a risk.

In fact, 27% of employees who have been absent in the past year cite it as the cause of their absenteeism.

Impact: sleep problems cost the Dutch economy an estimated 3 to 4.5 billion euros annually (Bakas, 2016). The absenteeism rate among employees who sleep poorly (5.3%) is significantly higher than among employees who sleep average to well (2.4%).

NV LIOF - A remarkable transformation

At NV LIOF, two-thirds of employees participated in the SleepImpactScore©. The result? The sleep quality of their staff improved significantly.

St. Maartens Clinic - A leap forward in employee wellness

At St. Maartens Clinic, self-reported sleep quality improved by 48%, leading to a decrease in sick leave and an increase in overall satisfaction.

Capgemini - Clear improvement in sleep quality and reduction in mental overtiredness

Capgemini supports their employees in improving their sleep, resulting in a marked improvement in energy, focus and productivity. But also in a reduction of the mental overtiredness so recognizable among knowledge workers. 

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The hidden costs of sleep deprivation: a Wake-Up Call for HR Professionals

Sleep deprivation is a creeping problem that seriously affects the health, well-being and productivity of your employees. Did you know that 45% of employees struggle with sleep problems? This leads to decreased concentration, lower productivity and higher absenteeism.

To get to the root of this problem, we developed the SleepImpactScore©. 

This science-based test provides in-depth insights into the sleep health of your employees, allowing you to take targeted actions to improve their well-being and performance. You get a clear picture of who needs extra support and who already has a good sleep condition.

The SleepImpactScore© was inspired by the groundbreaking work of Prof. Dr. Colin A. Espie and his team, whose research in the Journal of Sleep Research underscores the scientific validity of our approach. 

With a large sample size and development of reference values, our tool provides reliable and relevant sleep data, essential for improving sleep health within your organization.

"51 percent of the working population is tired when they get up in the morning."

The limited scope of a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO)

While a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) is a valuable tool for general health assessments within organizations, it often falls short when it comes to thoroughly analyzing sleep problems and the severity of sleep symptoms. 

Questions about sleep in a PMO are usually superficial and do not provide the in-depth insights needed to develop effective interventions. This is where the SleepImpactScore© stands out. 

This specialized tool is specifically designed to provide a detailed and accurate picture of sleep patterns and issues. With its science-based approach and comprehensive analysis, the SleepImpactScore© offers a much richer and more actionable understanding of sleep-related issues, allowing you to take targeted actions to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Unlike the limited scope of a PMO, the SleepImpactScore© allows you to effectively identify, understand and address sleep issues, leading to reduced absenteeism, a healthier and more engaged work environment.

Using the SleepImpactScore©, it categorizes employees into four groups - from severe sleep problems to excellent sleepers - and offers personalized recommendations for improvement.

Many employees struggle with sleep problems for an average of three years

Many employees struggle with sleep problems for an average of three years before action is taken, significantly increasing the challenge of helping them. As this period continues, the risk of absenteeism and dropout steadily increases. 

Moreover, these employees are more prone to making mistakes at work, which can affect efficiency and safety. Especially in cases of irregular working hours, such as early, late and night shifts, the likelihood of absenteeism doubles, making it even more crucial to address sleep problems promptly and effectively.

10 benefits of the SleepImpactScore©

Understanding sleep behavior: Gain detailed information on the severity of employees' sleep complaints, essential for improving their well-being.

Early detection: Quickly identify employees at risk for sleep-related problems, allowing you to intervene in a timely manner.

Improved productivity: By improving sleep quality, you see a direct increase in overall team productivity.

Reduced Absenteeism: Reduces absenteeism by addressing and managing sleep problems early.

Personalized approach: Provides individualized support through the "Personal Sleep Report" based on each employee's unique sleep needs

S cientific rationale: Rely on a tool based on scientific research and validated methods.

Ease of use: A simple and accessible way for employees to assess and improve their own sleep.

Data-driven decision-making: Make informed decisions about wellness programs and interventions based on concrete data.

Increased job satisfaction: Improve employees' overall well-being and satisfaction by increasing their sleep quality.

Positive corporate culture: Contribute to a culture that focuses on wellness and health, which increases employee loyalty and commitment.

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Additional absenteeism due to poor sleep

Poorly sleeping employees have an average absenteeism rate of 5.3%, compared to only 2.4% for average to well-sleeping employees. This means that poor sleep leads to an additional absenteeism rate of 2.9% (5.3% - 2.4%). This higher absenteeism rate underscores the importance of paying attention to sleep quality within organizations, as it can have a significant impact on employees' overall productivity and health.

Imagine a medium-sized accounting firm with 112 employees, 45% of whom struggle with sleep problems. This is not a rare scenario. The impact? Much bigger than you think. Take, for example, the WGA (Work Resumption Partially Disabled) files, which can quickly cost a company €200,000. 

Now, when you consider that an employee with burnout - often preceded by sleep problems - sits at home for an average of 9 months, you can see the enormous financial impact. And that's not even counting the extra burden on colleagues who take over, or the cost of recruitment and selection for replacements.

Our tip: Don't wait until it's too late. 

By identifying and addressing sleep problems early, you can not only save significant costs, but also significantly improve the well-being of your employees. The SleepImpactScore© is an indispensable tool for this. It not only provides insight into the sleep quality of your team and organization, but also helps prevent long-term absenteeism and the associated costs.

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Sleep problems cost money, a lot of money!

Let's dive deeper into the calculation for our example of the mid-sized accounting firm with 112 employees. Research shows that 45% of employees have sleep problems. This means that 50 out of 112 employees (45% of 112) are potentially sleeping poorly.

According to statistics, the absence rate among workers who sleep poorly is 5.3%, while it is only 2.4% among workers who sleep well. This means that badly sleeping employees have an average of 2.9% more absenteeism days than their well-sleeping colleagues (5.3% - 2.4% = 2.9%).

If we set the average labor cost per employee, including 13th month and vacation pay, at €45,000 (which is a conservative estimate), then the annual labor cost for the company is €5,040,000 (€45,000 x 112). An additional absenteeism rate of 2.9% means that there is an additional annual absenteeism cost of 2.9% of this labor cost, which amounts to approximately €146,160 (2.9% of €5,040,000).

However, this additional absenteeism cost applies only to the 50 workers who sleep poorly. So, we have to adjust this amount to the number of badly sleeping employees. This means that the additional absenteeism cost for the 50 badly sleeping employees is about €88,000 (50/112 of €146,160).

This calculation shows how sleep problems have a direct financial impact on a company. It underscores the importance of addressing sleep problems not only for the well-being of employees, but also for the financial health of the company. 

By improving employee sleep quality with tools such as the SleepImpactScore©, companies can reduce these additional costs while contributing to a healthier, more productive work environment.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take sleep quality in your organization to the next level? 

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The people behind the SleepImpactScore©.

House of Sleep, co-founded by renowned sleep expert Floris Wouterson, is a leading organization specializing in improving sleep and well-being. With an in-depth focus on sleep coaching, hypnosis and trauma therapy, House of Sleep strives to help both individuals and organizations (greatly) improve their sleep quality.

Floris Wouterson, the driving force behind House of Sleep, is a passionate sleep coach and the author of the bestseller Supersleep. His expertise and experiences as Europe's first Sleep Performance Coach have contributed to the development of innovative tools and programs focused on sleep improvement. One of these valuable tools is the SleepImpactScore©, a science-based test that provides insight into sleep behavior and the severity of any sleep problems.

Designed specifically for corporate HR professionals and vitality managers, the SleepImpactScore© offers a unique approach to addressing sleep-related challenges within organizations. This tool categorizes employees based on their sleep quality and identifies those who may need additional support. This helps organizations reduce absenteeism and improve the overall productivity and well-being of their employees.

Floris Wouterson and House of Sleep are known for their holistic approach to sleep, emphasizing the relationship between sleep, nutrition, exercise, light, and breathing. Sharing his knowledge and experience through lectures, podcasts, and publications, Wouterson helps individuals and organizations improve the quality of their sleep, leading to better health, more energy, and higher productivity.

House of Sleep and the SleepImpactScore© represent the core of Wouterson's mission to put sleep and recovery permanently on the management agenda, enabling organizations and their employees to thrive in a healthy, productive environment.

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